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TC-13 - Wireless & Telecommunications in Measurements

The goals of this Committee are to:

- Explore and establish innovative measurement principles for the new and emerging fields of telecommunications, with focus on: modern  mobile  radio  (cellular,  WLAN,  satellite,  3G  and  4G  broadband multimedia systems) and optical  telecommunications  (fiber-optic  based  and  infrared  wireless access);

- Apply inovative communication technologies in the field of distributed measurement systems associated with healthcare, environment monitoring, manufacturing, energy;

- Develop and promote new measurement standards for telecommunications;

- Develop and promote the application of new telecomunication standards in the field of distributed and smart instrumentation;

- Organize workshops and conferences where emerging instrumentation and measurement technologies for telecommunications and emerging telecomunications for measurement systems can be disseminated;

- Maintain liaisons with other committees, societies, and organizations working on instrumentation and measurement systems for telecommunications. Are underlined the collaborations of TC-13  with TC-25 and TC-18 members regarding the design and implementation of new distributed measurement systems for healthcare and environment monitoring.

Your support and contribution to the activities of the committee are highly appreciated!

We welcome new and enthusiastic members! For any suggestions, please email to the TC13 co-chairs at and